In 2012, Haley "Bones" Saner released Drift On, a retrospective album that invites fans into tales of love, heartbreak, nostalgia, and self-realization. The mellow ballads and soulful blues are unified by dark and often intimate lyrics. His voice is thick and gravelly, giving his songs an emotional candidness while maintaining obscurity. Bones composed, produced, and recorded the album, playing the majority of instruments: guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums, and banjo. Patrick Casey, a guest player at shows, contributed leads and jazz inspired improvisations on trumpet and flugelhorn. 

Originally from Connecticut, Bones plays out of the New York City area both acoustically and accompanied by a band. Starting out as a drummer, percussionist, and then bassist, he experimented with funk grooves, looping machines, and abstract sounds in his early recordings. As Bones transitioned to acoustic guitar and piano, he began composing melodies, particular progressions, and reflective lyrics. His bass playing on upright and fretless are featured throughout the Drift On album, notably on the song "Keyhole."

Taking Drift On to the stage, Bones's performances are simplistic and honest, telling stories of life and love that connect personally to the audience. The response from fans echoes the diversity of album, with favorites ranging across the board from blues to ballads.

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